#4 Vet Me

I mentioned in post #2 that the breeder suggested to take Echo to the vet for a preliminary checkup. I picked a clinic that looked like it had the most avian experience at the time and scheduled an appointment for that coming Saturday.

Between the time I picked the bird up to the day of the appointment, I picked up a cat carrier and put it together for Echo. It was unfortunately pink, which is not a color I generally like, but it was the only one available at the time. I put newspaper in the bottom to protect against the inevitable poop too. With this, I could return the carrier I borrowed to our coworker.

When the time came to go to the appointment, I was a bit nervous about getting Echo into the carrier. I was able to pick him up with relative ease, but he fought a little bit when I put him in. I did succeed in getting him in it though, and we headed to the appointment. When we got there, I got him checked in and they led us to a double door room. Took a little info and then the fun came. I had to get him back out of the carrier.

The nurse couldn’t get him without being bit at, and the carrier was slightly broken in that one of the snap latches wouldn’t snap, so I had to screw it together. She tried to undo the top, only to be told that I had to put it together that way, so that was out. She then asked me to try, so I stuck my hand toward him. He startled and flapped out of the carrier, running around the floor for a second until he was cornered. I reached my hand to him and he stepped up to the person he knew. The nurse commented on it, saying, “Well, it’s a good thing he trusts you.” That made me happy.

The nurse pulled a scale out and set it on the floor, putting a triangular perch on top. She zeroed it out and I put Echo on the perch for a weight. Then the nurse and the vet grabbed towels and gently grabbed Echo in the towel before he could react. He squawked of course, because he wasn’t used to being bird-handled like that, but he wasn’t biting thankfully. The nurse and the vet did the exam as quickly as possible. Other than a slight defect in his toe that I noticed from the start, he was perfectly healthy.


It’s a horrible picture detailing the mess he’s created on top of his cage in 3 days, but if you look at his foot, that back toe has a bend in it. It doesn’t seem to bother or hurt him, so there’s no need to try to fix it. That said, I’m happy that I got a healthy bird and I’m happy that he is staying that way.   blog-feather-small