#5 Training

Before I got Echo, I saw a lot of sources online and otherwise saying that training, especially clicker training, is really good for building a bond. I decided to do that with my future bird, and when I got Echo, I let him adjust to his new home before trying much.

I started training with Echo about a week after we brought him home. Since he was still so young, it seemed like a fairly easy transition for him. I decided to give him sunflower seeds as treats only, to make him want them more. He was reluctant to try them from my hand, so I put some in his food bowl to let him know to try it. That tactic worked and he started wanting the seeds more and more. I picked up a cheap clicker from a local pet store one night and started training with him.

Clicker training is super easy. To train a bird, or any animal, to respond to a clicker, all you have to do is click and then give them a treat. Click, treat, click treat. Repeat until the bird starts looking for the treat after you click.

Since I didn’t have an easy place to put him for training yet, I set him on the floor near me. I clicked and handed him a sunflower seed. Click, seed. Within 10 minutes repeating this process, he was clicker trained. Of all the training I’ve done with him so far, this was by far the easiest training to complete. It’s so worth it because it provides rewarding for future training and it makes him look forward to getting treats. I just can’t give him too many since they’re not as healthy for him… much to his chagrin.  blog-feather-small


Post- clicker training mess. Vacuums are a must.