About Me

Hi, I’m Dolphin. It’s a nickname a lot of my friends know me by. The reason for the nickname is that I can, in fact, imitate a dolphin. That’s my most “famous” impression, but I can also imitate certain bird calls and sounds, make a fish face, twitch my nose like a bunny, and possibly a whole bunch of other animals I don’t know I can do yet. I’d be glad to demonstrate but it’s not that easy over the internet. You probably wouldn’t believe it was me anyway. 😉

I figured I’d give a little info about myself. Not too much though, because this is primarily a bird-centric blog. First off, I’m female, so no more confusion there. (I don’t mind a “Dude, that’s awesome” though.) I’m in my 20s and I love being tall. I’m currently attending college again for Computer Forensics; my first degree was in Meteorology. I still love the weather, even though I’m not pursuing it as a career.

I love to draw and sometimes free write stories. Music is life to me. I own a flute that I need to practice again, used to play the marching french horn, and I sing too. I like to crochet and play video games as well, and though it’s very slow going, I’m trying to learn Japanese.

That pretty much sums it up for me. Hope you enjoy your stay!