About Echo

This introduction page will hopefully give you a little insight into the pionus species and Echo himself.

Echo is classified as a Maximilian pionus, or scaly-headed parrot. Maxies are the “least colorful” of the pionuses in terms of color variance, but they are beautiful birds regardless. They are one of 7 different pionuses in the world. All of the pionus species have red feathers underneath their tails and their tail shape is slightly boxy and square. Maxies are mostly green, with a patch of purple near their throats. Their heads are mottled with tiny, grayish white feathers, which give it the scaly look they’re named for. Maxies are also the largest type of pionus parrot by a small margin.

Pionuses are somewhat known by bird enthusiasts as quieter parrots. They can squawk and scream like all birds, but their temperament usually keeps them quieter than say, a cockatoo would be. They make cute, guttural grumbles and tiny chirps as chatter, and are able to learn to talk, though sometimes not as well as some other birds.

Now, for Echo himself. Echo, like other pionuses, is a medium-sized bird. He is about 6 inches tall when he stands upright. He has tiny patches of blue on the sides of his tail where the green and the red meet, and his eyes are brown. (Yes, they have irises like we do.) I will put up a detailed post about how I acquired him that can be found here, but long story short, I got him when he was 2 & 1/2 months old from a breeder about an hour and a half away from where I live. My roommate got roped into adopting him with me, and now she loves him just as much as I do.

Echo is a smart bird. He knows how to whistle, he says his name, can meow like a cat, say “pretty bird” and “good boy,” says “om nom nom” when I feed him, can laugh like we do, and to the best of his ability imitates other noises he hears. He currently knows how to wave, spin in a circle, do a loop-de-loop under his perch, and nodding is a work in progress.

I love working with him, I love learning about him, and I love having him in my life. Here’s to many, many years, buddy! ❤