#7 On Top of the World

One thing I’ve learned from having Echo is that he is a shoulder and forearm bird. If anyone picks him up, especially me or Roomie, he’ll stay on our finger or hand for a few minutes but will eventually move to one of those places. I’ve been able to get him on heads a few times but it’s become really rare nowadays.

The first time I got him on anyone’s head, it was on mine. He was still really young. Roomie and I were picking him up, passing him between us, building bonds with him. He jumped down onto the back of the couch we were sitting on and decided to climb up the back of my head. I helped him up because he was still practicing with climbing, and then he just sat up there for a few minutes.

Now, I’ve had birds on my head before, thanks to my childhood parakeet, but the ‘keet was small and barely noticeable. Echo had a lot more heft to him than I was used to so when he climbed up there, I could definitely tell he was there. It felt like my neck was springloaded and Echo was pushing down just by sitting on my head. It was fun to have him there though, and it was an interesting sight.


This whole event lasted for maybe 5 minutes. Unfortunately for the bird, there’s not a lot to do on top of someone’s head other than chew hair. He climbed (read: slid) back down and we kept playing with him after. We both love having him on us, but anytime he decides to go up there again, it’s a rare treat.  blog-feather-small


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