#3 The First Outing

I explained a tiny bit about the first time Echo was out of his new cage, but let me explain a bit more.

We had left Echo in his new cage for about 3 days to acclimate to being with us. The first couple tries that we opened the cage door, he couldn’t quite figure out how to maneuver around the doorway and stayed in. We left him to climb out on his own but he wasn’t that great a climber yet. It was a work in progress.

The night he figured it out, Roomie and I had ordered food for delivery. We figured we’d open the door to the cage and let him practice again, but we didn’t expect he’d figure it out right then. His cage door has a shut-swing-latch mechanism, so once it’s closed, you rotate the lever to lock it. He learned that the other part of the latch was on the side of the door opening and used that to grab onto and swing out.

We immediately grabbed our phone cameras and started taking pictures. I even took a video of him to document the moment. We were congratulating him, encouraging him to keep climbing, when he spun upside down and looked out at us. It startled Roomie because she still wasn’t quite comfortable yet. He started climbing up again right as our door buzzed for our food. I caught this part on video and I remember saying, “Oh perfect.” He stayed put as we got our food, thankfully. Not long after, he climbed back around and into the cage again.


We closed the door after that; we had enough excitement for one night. This event was the start of him getting used to us. We opened the cage each day after that, let him practice climbing more, and a couple days later he let us pick him up without issue. It worked out too, because I had to still take him to the vet for a general look-over, per the breeder. More on that soon….   blog-feather-small


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